Belly Casting

Pregnancy is a special time for every mother. It is a process in which the most beautiful thing a person can create is being developed. There are many ways to honor and commemorate such an occasion and we offer one of the most unique options, being Belly Casting.

What is Belly Casting

Belly Casting is a plaster sculpture of a mother’s pregnant abdomen and/or breasts. It captures with exceptional detail the physical form of a woman’s unborn child in her belly. Belly casts are usually made toward the end of the pregnancy on the third trimester. The process is simple, painless and quick, being completed in about an hour.

What to expect?

Belly casting is a simple, almost therapeutic process. The cast is made by coating the abdomen and breasts with a lubricant and then placing wet strips of plaster gauze over the lubricant. Once the cast is applied it dries enough to be removed. The entire process takes about an hour. It is a painless experience and many patients report feeling very relaxed. During the process we do everything possible to ensure that the patient is very comfortable, resulting in a spa-like experience.


Mothers that chose to belly cast fall in love with the idea that their pregnancies can be immortalized in such a unique fashion. Belly casts also offer mothers a chance to indulge in their creative side as the actual cast itself can be painted and decorated. Belly casts make an exceptionally personalized ornament for any living space. Mothers who chose to belly cast say that the cast evokes the positive feelings they had when they were carrying their bundle of joy whenever they look at it. Belly casts’ sentimental values vary with every individual, however, it is undeniable that belly casting offers a variety of benefits to the mothers who choose to have it done.

FAQ: Belly Casting by New Horizons Med Spa

Why choose to make a mold of your pregnant belly?
Pregnancy is a sacred time in a woman’s life that creates an unbreakable bond between herself and her unborn child. Through belly casting, the professionals at New Horizons Med Spa, in Chandler close to Phoenix, AZ, allowing a mother to hold onto this precious memory forever. Belly casts are a unique way to preserve the memory of pregnancy into a physical keepsake that can be cherished for a lifetime. For many women, belly casting holds extreme sentimental value because it captures a precious moment in time.
How invasive is belly casting?
Belly casting at New Horizons Med Spa takes place at our top-of-the-line facility and can be done in less than one hour. The mold is created by placing plaster gauze over the skin, which is protected by a layer of soft lubricant. The plaster is then peeled off slowly and cautiously to reveal a high-quality intricate impression of the mother’s pregnant belly and/or breasts. There is absolutely no pain associated with belly casting at New Horizons Med Spa. In fact, many of our patients have described the process as “spa-like”. We do our best to ensure your utmost comfort through the entire process.
Why choose New Horizons Med Spa for your belly cast?
A belly casting procedure at New Horizons Med Spa, in Chandler close to Phoenix, is all about the mama. We take the time to guarantee that every crease and wrinkle is preserved with attentive detail and take great pride in producing the highest quality cast to stand the test of time. A personalized belly cast by New Horizons Med Spa makes a thoughtful gift that friends can purchase for an expectant mother, or that can be gifted on Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, at a baby shower or baby Christening, or other such joyous occasions.

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