HCG Program

The HCG Weight Loss program offers you a unique method for healthy and effective weight loss that works. The program has the advantages of medical assistance and supervision to ensure your safety while enabling you to lose weight rapidly. Seeing results can boost your motivation to achieve your weight loss goals permanently. The weight loss program is based on the power of HCG, a natural hormone with the ability to change one’s metabolism.

HCG is the hormone naturally secreted during pregnancy to ensure nutrition is present for the fetus to grow. During times of starvation or very low-calorie diets, when the body has HCG flowing within it, the body mobilizes the abnormal deposits of fat for nutrition. Thus, when these fat stores are being utilized, the weight drops precipitously. It is not uncommon to lose ½ to one pound a day on this diet.

This rapid weight loss would normally make one’s body become fatigued, tired, and hungry. The HCG enables the body to lose weight while maintaining your energy level and decreasing one’s appetite.

Because HCG forces your body to pull nutrients from the abnormal fat stores, it supplies the needed energy calories to the body so fatigue is usually not a factor. Moreover, because the body sees lots of nutrients in the blood, the appetite center in the brain is not stimulated, thus the hunger pains are usually minimal and very tolerable.

This program is easy to do. You don’t have to spend hours of time doing lots of exercises, although maintaining good muscle tone is very important for your health. While doing the diet, you learn about how many calories are in foods and how a food journal works easily. Plus, the results are a motivational boost for the successful dieter to continue to lose weight.

The diet program consists of four phases, each guided intensively and monitored by medical specialists. An initial workup usually includes an exam and blood work. An EKG may also be done if necessary. HCG preparation is prescribed. Then you are seen every 1-2 weeks for six weeks and checked for potential side effects of this very low-calorie diet.

Supplements are prescribed as needed to maintain your health so your body receives the essential nutrients it needs, while it metabolizes the stored fat and you lose the extra weight.

After the first 6 weeks, you transition from this diet to a more regular diet. Your last visit will be at the end of this 6 weeks transition period. If you have attained your weight loss goal, you can continue permanent lifestyle changes that provide weight management. If you have not reached your goal, you can do another course of HCG for further rapid weight loss.

Almost 90% of those who do the program correctly are happy and satisfied with the results. You can be one of these satisfied patients who lose weight rapidly and have the skills to continue to proper weight management for the rest of their lives.

Our physicians are on site to supervise your weight loss success and provide the needed monitoring you require. We look forward to supporting you with this life-changing program!